BLUETTI AC30 300Wh/300W Portable Power Station

AED. 798.90

BLUETTI AC30 portable solar power station features a 96000mAh 300Wh battery capacity, along with AC/DC/USB/Car Ports which can power devices max is a perfect power source for indoors and outdoors activities such as traveling, camping, hunting, fishing. It can also provide emergency backup power sources during power outages.

  • Silent Emergency Battery Backup
  • LiFePo4 battery/Long 3500+ Cycle Life
  • Wireless Charging, Convenient
  • 6 Output Ports(2*AC,1*DC,1*Type-C,2*USB-A)
  • Two Ways of Recharges(AC Adapter/Solar Panel)

Package Includes:

1*Portable Power Station(AC30)
1*AC Wall Charger
1*User manual
1*Service card
1*Certificate of QC PASS

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    Warranty: 24 Months

    BLUETTI AC30 is a compact, silent and clean power station, It built-in

    LiFePO4 battery cells, which is the safest lithium battery type currently available on the market, With 300Wh energy storage, It can provide you with power in any emergency situation.

    Packing List:

    1*Portable Power Station(AC30)

    1*AC Wall Charger

    1*User manual

    1*Service card

    1*Certificate of QC PASS


    2*AC230V UK outlet(pure sine-wave);

    1*DC12V/10A Car Cigarette;

    1*5V/3A QC Type-C Faster charging

    2*USB-A, Wireless Charging max15W


    LiFePo4 battery

    Pack Capacity: 300Wh/300W

    Lifecycles: 3500+ Cycles

    Shelf-Life: Charge Every 3-6 Months

    Management System: 'MPPT' Charge Controller, Low Battery Protection

What devices can be charged by AC30?

You need to do some search or check the power of your device, it should not exceed 300W. for 800W<load<450w, it can only last for 0.6S

How to know the charge time for your device? 

charge time(rough calculated) =300Wh* 0.85 / operating power of your device

How to choose the solar panel? 

1)Open Circuit Voltage(OCV):max 150W,12-25V(DC7907 to MC4 Charging cable is included) 2)MC4 Connector

What kind of battery cell is used in the AC30 power station? 

It is a built-in LiFePo4 battery cell with, Long 3500+ Cycle live.

Can charge and discharge at the same time? 

Sure. However, in order to better protect the cycle life of the battery, it is not recommended to charge and discharge the battery at the same time.

How long can this run my CPAP machine? 

Most CPAP machines run at 50 Watt. According to the formula mentioned above. (300Wh*0.9)/50W=5.4 Hours. We suggest you turn off the humidifier and heater on your machine to prolong the using time.

How can I change the AC Output current frequency? 

Make sure the AC Port is turned off. Press the Car Port Button and AC Port Button at the same time to enter the frequency-changing mode. Long press the Car Port Button to change the frequency to 50Hz and 60Hz. Press the AC Port Button and Car Port Button at the same time to exit frequency-changing mode.

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